Welcome! This website is in its infancy, so PLEASE bear with me as I continue to add recipes and functionality to this website.

About CookingKelly

I am a reformed low-fat, high carb, non-red meat eater. I've had digestive issues since childhood. At age 19, I was diagnosed with recurring attacks of acute pancreatitis caused by unknown reasons, but doctors thought it had something to do with a processed food diet. I was inspired to learn to cook to manage the pancreatitis, but no amount of whole grain, non-fat, all-natural and organic clean eating solved the problem. In 2011, after reading the book The Paleo Solution, I gave Paleo a try. I took baby steps to add fat, bacon and red meat into my diet while removing gluten-containing grains and legumes from my diet. Years later, I'm feeling very healthy, both inside and out!

Just about everything I cook comes from ingredients that are found seasonally in my region. In the summer, I will post many recipes with fresh fruits and vegetables. In the fall, you will see many squash recipes. Although I don't specify in my recipes, all the ingredients I use are organic, grass-fed, pastured, wild-caught, etc. I would encourage you to seek out ingredients of the highest quality.

Most of the recipes on this website have been prepared for two. Occasionally there are leftovers, occasionally not. I'm a big fan of left-overs for the next day's lunch, however I've found that most recipes also freeze nicely.

Please be aware that I don't always measure many of my recipes when making them, but I am pretty darn good at eyeballing. I believe that we all have different tastes and you should adjust spices as you feel appropriate. You will find this to be especially true with sweet foods. I have never been a fan of sweet foods and thus dislike strongly sweet tastes. If you like sweets, you may want to double the amount of sweetener from my recipes!

Finally, I am an athlete and I cook as such. I do eat what are considered "borderline" Paleo foods (rice, white potatoes and juice). Feel free to omit ingredients that do not apply to how you eat. You can easily substitute foods such as cauliflower rice for white rice and yams/sweet potatoes for white potatoes in most, if not all, recipes.

All recipes are Copyright CookingKelly 2013. If you want to copy my recipes, please ask me!