Hard Apple Cider

Hard Apple Cider


  • - 1 gallon jug Organic Apple Juice
  • - 1 Bung (Whole Foods jugs use a #6 bung)
  • - 1 Air Lock
  • - 1 packet Cotes Des Blanc yeast
  • - 4 1-Liter Swing Top Bottles
  • - 1 Auto Siphon
  • - 3-4 feet Food Grade Tubing to fit the auto siphon
  • - Optional: Organic Apple juice, Fresh Ginger, Cinnamon Sticks, Candied Ginger, Sugar Water

  • Method:

      Assemble the air lock into the bung and add the appropriate amount of water. Set aside. Separate the yeast packet in half and add half the yeast to the apple juice. Cap the juice and shake for 30 seconds. Remove the cap and place the bung tightly into the jar.

      Tuck away in a cool dark place for at least 2 weeks. Once the air lock is barely bubbling, prepare to bottle (make sure bottles are disinfected and clean inside).

      Assemble the auto siphon and tubing. Line the bottles up in a row in the sink or on the door of the dishwasher (it will get messy). Put the tube in one bottle and the auto siphon in the jug of cider and pump a couple times to get the flow started (it helps to have a partner's help for this part). Try to keep the siphon an inch off the bottom of the jug to avoid sucking up yeast sediment. Fill the bottle up to the neck, leaving room to add apple juice later. Quickly transfer tube to the next bottle until you have filled the bottles and used up all the apple cider.

      The cider is drinkable now. However, lots of flavoring options are available at this point: Back-sweeten with a few ounces (1 - 3 ounces) of apple juice or sugar water, add 1/4 stick cinnamon, chopped fresh ginger or chopped candied ginger or store as is. NOTE: The longer you let the cider sit, the more likely it is to clarify. It may get fizzy after a week or two depending on how much sugar you add. Beware that adding too much sugar puts you at risk for an explosion so go easy until you get the process down. The longer you let it age, the drier the hard cider taste will be.