Fish with Orange Sauce

Fish with Orange Sauce


  • - Coconut Oil to coat pan
  • - 1 Orange, juiced
  • - 1/2 Orange peel, grated
  • - 2 Shallot, sliced
  • - 1/4" Ginger round, grated
  • - 1 TSP Honey
  • - Salt to taste
  • - A couple squeezes from half a Lime
  • - 2 pieces of wild Orange Roughy, Pink Salmon or other mild fish

  • Method:

      Heat oven to 350 degrees. Coat pan with just enough coconut oil to cover bottom of pan and heat over low. Mix all ingredients starting with orange juice (except fish) together. Pour into pan and reduce over low heat (about 10 minutes). Remove from pan and reserve in a bowl.

      If needed, add more coconut oil to the pan before placing fish in the pan. Place fish in the pan and cover with the orange reduction. Bake until fish flakes (about 7-10 minutes depending on what type of fish you use).