Best Steak Ever

Best Steak Ever


  • - 2 Grass-Fed Steaks, any cut
  • - 1/2 Onion, sliced
  • - 2 Portabello Mushrooms, sliced
  • - Butter to coat pan (Approximately 1-2 TBSP)
  • - Salt and Pepper to taste
  • - Optional: 4 Sweet Peppers, seeded and sliced

  • Method:

      Wash and dry steaks and let warm to room temp for 20 minutes. Once dried, prepare steaks by adding salt and pepper to both sides

      Set oven to broil (high temp) and heat a cast iron pan in the oven. Remove pan, add butter and allow to melt.

      Place steaks in butter-coated pan and put back into over to broil. Flip half-way through cooking time (5 minutes per side for medium-rare). Remove steaks from oven, place on a plate to rest.

      Reserve juices in pan. While steak rests, add onion and optional peppers to the pan. Place back in the oven and broil another 2-3 minutes, or cook on medium-high on the stove top. Add mushrooms and cook 1 more minute. Place mixture on steak for serving.